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Research has shown that by only changing your diet you will probably not be successful in losing weight in the long term.  You also need to increase the amount of energy that you expend every day.  Not only to lose weight, but also to benefit your health.

Luckily, with the ReliSlim 7-Step Programme™ we suggest nothing dramatic, and we stand firmly behind the principle of baby steps.  So what can you do to get moving?

• How about not always looking for the closest parking spot at the mall, and walking that little bit further?
• How about taking the steps rather than the elevator or the escalator?
• How about taking the dog that's been looking at you with longing eyes out for a walk?
• How about taking yourself for a walk?
• How about a game of cricket, netball or soccer with the kids?

If you start thinking about it, the options are endless.  The long and the short of it is, stop being so sedentary.  Get some life in those lazy bones.

There's much more information about exercise and even exercise programmes for beginners in the Get Moving section of the ReliSlim Slimming Clinic.  Perfect for when you've been moving a bit more for a week or two.  Be sure to check it out!

Most of the time we eat without thinking.  Would you put diesel in your petrol vehicle?  That's what we do all the time.  We feed our bodies with food that is totally inappropriate.  We’ll eat a packet of crisps or a pastry bun without even thinking about what we’re actually putting in our bodies.

There are many danger words that we need to be aware of when we start thinking about what we put in our bodies:  hidden fats, saturated fats, trans fats, refined carbohydrates, fat percentages, animal fats and sugar contents.

There are also the good words that we want: polyunsaturated fats, unsaturated fats, low GI, unrefined carbohydrates.

There’s much more information on food awareness and information on what all these sometimes confusing terms mean, as well as healthy recipes in our Healthy Eating section.

You know how it goes.  You jump out of bed in the morning, rush to get yourself showered and dressed and then it’s all about getting the kids dressed and fed before school.  You hardly have time to grab something to eat before you rush out of the door.  Then you get busy at work.  The only thing you consume until 11:00 is four cups of coffee.  Eventually at lunchtime you’ll have something to eat, and then it’s famine again until supper.

What are we doing?  We’re basically telling our bodies that we’re starving for the biggest part of the day, and because we usually don’t eat breakfast our metabolism never even wakes up.  Our body stores everything that it ingests, because it doesn’t know when it’s going to be fed again.

The answer is to eat six smaller meals a day, of which breakfast should ideally be the largest.  This keeps our metabolism going, and our body goes about merrily burning kilojoules because it knows its going to be fed again soon.  These meals should, of course, be sensible and include plenty of raw fruit and veg and unrefined, low GI carbs - but more about that in the Healthy eating section.

Most weight loss diets say that you should exclude this or the other food group from your diet.  Most say cut out fat and oils, others say cut out sugar and some even say cut out carbohydrates.  This is incorrect.  Our bodies need food from all the different food groups, but in the correct proportions.  We even need fats and oils, but then it must be healthy fats like cold pressed olive oil or avocado pears, and not too much of it.  More about this in the Healthy eating section.

Our bodies consist mostly of water, so it is essential that we drink enough water.  When we are trying to lose weight, water plays a huge role in ridding our bodies of toxins.  What most people don’t know is that it is possible to drink too much water.  The usual indication is eight glasses of water per day.  This is only and indication, and might be too much for a specific individual.  Listen to your body.

Trying to change your entire lifestyle in one go is almost impossible.  Changing your diet completely and starting to exercise excessively all in one go will probably not last.  Introduce change into your lifestyle gradually.  Start by getting moving - nothing too dramatic though.  Then cut chocolate from your diet (but still treat yourself with a few blocks once a week), then cut out the fizzy drinks and slowly but surely introduce positive lifestyle changes to your life. Before you know it they’ll become habit.

Let’s take a look at the ingredients of ReliSlim Herbal and Kel 6, and see why they can help you lose those extra kilogrammes in combination with the gradual lifestyle changes that you‘ll introduce.

ReliSlim Herbal contains Hoodia gordonii.  This succulent plant ingredient was used by the Bushmen on hunting expeditions to prevent hunger and exhaustion.  It has an appetite suppressant effect on the brain.  There are claims that it is able to cut your kilojoule intake by a third.  Green tea extract is a powerful anti-oxidant.  It lowers cholesterol and has an appetite suppressant effect.  Green tea might also prevent blood clots.  Gymnema sylvestre is a herb from India and is beneficial to weight loss by suppressing the taste of sweet foods and consequently reducing the desire to eat them.  Gymnema sylvestre controls and regulates weight by controlling sugar craving.  By consuming less sugar, your weight should be controlled more easily.  Caffeine enhances the process by which energy is made available from nutrients to the body.  It also increases kidney excretion in order to rid the body of impurities.  It also has a mild diuretic effect, which causes increased urine excretion.  Caffeine also increases the ability to concentrate and stay alert and awake.

By also taking Kel 6 tablets with ReliSlim Herbal,  you will increase your chances of losing weight faster.  Kel 6 contains kelp, which helps your thyroid gland to function properly.  Your thyroid gland plays an important role in weight regulation.  It also contains Tribulus terrestris and vitamin B6, which both have a diuretic effect.

ReliSlim Herbal and Kel 6 have the ability to make losing weight just a little bit easier.

ReliSlim Schedule 6 is available on prescription.






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