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Vascacydin is a highly potent, all-natural anti-oxidant. It combats free radicals in the body, and has proved that it has a positive effect on general health and well-being.

What are free radicals?
Although oxygen is needed by all humans to survive, it is also the major cause of ageing. Energy is released when oxygen reacts with hydrogen in the body. If, however, the body does not have enough free hydrogen, too much oxygen can cause the formation of free radicals in the body. These are harmful agents in the body that destroy tissue and cause reduced immune function and disease by damaging your body's cell membranes.

Your body tissue is oxidized, and the effect is similar to the effect that oxygen has on metal causing rust.

What can you do to limit the effect of free radicals on your body?
Anti-oxidants, vitamin C, vitamin E, and beta-carotene act as scavengers, which remove various free radicals from the body and prevent new ones from being formed.

Such anti-oxidants are the main ingredients of Vascacydin.

What disorders could be related to the presence of free radicals in the body?
The occurrence of cancer, coronary heart disease, diabetes, cataracts, alcohol induced liver damage, inflammatory bowel disease, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease, neurological degeneration, traumatic inflammation as well as arthritis may be influenced by free radicals. Ageing in general is also caused by free radicals.

What makes Vascacydin an exceptional anti-oxidant?
Vascacydin contains no less than four highly potent antioxidants: grape seed extract, grape skin extract, green tea extract and Ginkgo biloba. Let's look at each of these ingredients in more detail.

Grape seed extract and grape skin extract:
Very powerful free radical scavengers come in the form of anthocyanosides (the substance responsible for the colour in red grape skin) and proanthocyanadines (found in grape seeds). As anti-oxidants, they are 50 times more potent than vitamin E and 20 times more potent than vitamin C. Anthocyanosides tend to be more effective as anti-inflammatories and proanthocyanadines(PCO) as anti-oxidants.

PCO extracts demonstrate a wide range of effects in the human body. This includes an ability to increase intracellular vitamin C levels, to scavenge oxidants and free radicals and inhibit the destruction of collagen. Collagen, a protein, can be found throughout body parts like tendons, ligaments, cartilage, the skin and blood vessels. It is a vital tissue building block.

PCO extracts also prevent the release and synthesis of compounds that promote inflammation and allergies. They also lower cholesterol levels, shrink the size of cholesterol deposits in arteries, inhibit clot forming by blood platelets and inhibit the enzyme responsible for the forming of Angiotensin 2, which is responsible for the constricting of arteries and veins to cause high blood pressure.

Green tea extract
The antioxidant action of green tea comes from ingredients called polyphenols. The antioxidant action effectively helps prevent the formation of artherosclerotic plaque (hardening of arteries and veins).

Green tea also reduces bad LDL cholesterol, and increases good HDL cholesterol. Like PCOs, green tea inhibits the enzyme responsible for the forming of Angiotensin 2.

Green tea extract also has a potent anti-clotting effect on blood platelets. Green tea prevents certain viruses from attaching to normal cell membranes, thus making them inactive. It was previously never understood why regular consumers of green tea, like the Japanese, had a lower incidence of lung cancer and other heart diseases, despite them smoking as much as their American counterparts. Only when research was done on the polyphenols in green tea, were the benefits of drinking green tea understood.

Ginkgo biloba
The Chinese herb Ginkgo biloba has been used for centuries to treat lung ailments, vascular diseases and as a memory booster for the aged. Ginkgo biloba contains the antioxidants vitamin C and carotenoids known as ginkgolides. Ginkgo flavanoids dilate micro-capillaries that effectively increase blood circulation and oxygen levels in brain tissue and the extremities. Ginkgo's powerful antioxidant action keeps arterial walls flexible and decreases the formation of arteriosclerotic plaque. Ginkgo strengthens the cardiovascular system. It also scavenges on free radicals. Ginkgo is widely prescribed to elderly patients in Germany and France to improve memory and general health.

Who should be taking Vascacydin?
Anybody who wishes to improve his/her immune system. Diabetics, smokers, those in their mature years and the elderly with lifestyle and age related health conditions have reported a huge improvement in quality of life when taking Vascacydin.






































Dosage and directions


What is the dosage?
The normal dosage is one capsule in the morning and one at night. In severe cases of arthritis it is advisable to take two capsules in the morning and two in the evening until the pain subsides, and to then reduce it to one in the morning and one at night.

When should Vascacydin be taken?
Vascacydin should be taken before meals.

How soon can results from taking Vascacydin be expected?
Results can be expected after two to four weeks of taking Vascacydin regularly.



Possible drug interactions and precautions

The potential side-effects of grape skin, grape seed extract, green tea extract and Ginkgo biloba are minimal, however, patients on other medication, especially diabetics should consider the following:

• Diabetics should be aware that Ginkgo biloba may reduce their insulin requirements. Adjustments may be needed. Regular glucose checks may be required initially. The benefits of improved vascular circulation for diabetics, smokers and ageing patients are enormous.

• Ginkgo biloba and PCOs have an inhibitory effect on platelet aggregation. This means that they effectively reduce their tendency to stick together. This reduces the chances of dangerous clots or thrombi forming in the veins and arteries.

When using other prescribed medication, patients should start on only one Vascacydin a day for a week or two before increasing the dose to one twice a day.



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