Turbo Energy

Product Description

Life sometimes asks of us to perform that little bit better to reach our goals. Whether it’s a particularly hard day at the office, an important meeting with clients, a one-on-one with the boss, a tough game of your sport of choice, a long drive or a strenuous workout, Turbo Energy can help you put in the extra effort that is needed.

Stay awake & energised

Ideal for competitive sport

Contains electrolytes

No cramps or dehydration

Mind and muscle energy

Stamina for the daily grind

Stay awake to study and drive

Suitable for Diabetics

Contains no alcohol

Pack size: Turbo Energy is available as single sachets, and in packs of
15 sachets, 30 sachets and 450 g containers.


The following rundown of Turbo Energy’s ingredients illustrates how it can benefit you:


Turbo Energy contains fructose, which has the ability to give you that boost of physical energy that you might need. It is particularly effective during sport. Fructose is also permitted for use by diabetics.


The caffeine in Turbo Energy gives you a boost of mental energy and makes you feel alert and awake – perfect for when you’ve had a hard night of partying and need to be your best at work the following day, or whenever you need to be mentally strong.

Mineral salts

Turbo Energy is unique in that it contains mineral salts that prevent you from dehydrating during exercise or when you are recovering from illness.

Because Turbo Energy is sold in powder form it doesn’t contain any alcohol like many of its competitors.


None reported.


Take one sachet dissolved in half a glass of water one hour before driving, studying, training, game or race for alertness and to prevent dehydration, cramps and loss of energy.

Normal dose:
One sachet three times a day.

Frequently asked questions

Is Turbo Energy safe for use in competitive sport?


May diabetics use Turbo Energy?

Turbo Energy contains Fructose that may be present in a diabetics diet, unlike sucrose which is not permitted. It may be ideal for diabetic use and has proven so in many cases.